Tsunami Poem



Red Wall rising up out of Sea,

a construct carved of fault.

Watery pillar of salt

licking Asia’s shores.

Tsunami, your wave signals goodbye.

Eden’s lost and found:

Karl Nilsson’s parents

and 2 brothers.

Gluttonous, global avarice devours


quarter million


Throw away rotting flesh and disease,

that toiled and healed and cared.

Sumatra freshly brewed,

bleeping video cameras, unmanned.

Who will be your witness?

If the youth didn’t disturb dead ancestors while making love,

the Sea wouldn’t be


I can’t get no satisfaction.

Despairing spirits drowned,

living in thirsty graves.

Nick, you weren’t there,

you can’t


Noah build your ark!

By Shuana Niessen

copyright 2005


11 thoughts on “Tsunami Poem

  1. Hello!
    I’m from india n i really appreciate ur poem…i am a poet too.
    u bought out the feelings from the inside of u very creatively…
    I admire ur style of writing.
    N e ways…my e-mail id is coolestdan@gmail.com, maybe u can forward me such beutiful thigs n even even other stuff if u do not mind.

  2. i had a loved one on a business trip and died from the tsunami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. who is nick?

  3. very powerful, i love the way you describe it a licking asias shores!!! Wow! Peace to who lost loved ones and peace to all that died!!
    p.s.who is NICK?????

  4. Hey, just so you know, both of those tsunami pictures are fake. You can look them up on google if you type fake tsunami pictures.

  5. really powerfull poem yon what are you on about how can the tsunami pictures be fake ?? so many people lost there lives lovin the familys who had luv 1s and lost them peace to all familys !
    becki & gmz

  6. Nick is a nickname that I had when I was young. This poem was written using a “20 little poetry projects” exercise, and one of the aspects to add was a nickname. thanks for all of your comments on my poem. I don’t know if the pictures are fake, but the tsunami was real, and so are the after effects that the whole world feels. We feel for all who lost loved ones, and the terribleness and waste of good lives who cared, and toiled, and healed.

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