Thunderstorm and God’s Greatness

Last night I heard the loudest thunder clap I’ve ever heard. S was startled awake by the “BOOM!” She cried out, “Will it break the windows mama?” The sound was so resonant I could almost fathom the depth and greatness of the earth’s atmosphere. Saskatchewanites are blessed with this “land of the living skies,” but we take it for granted, forgetting its beauty and greatness. I suppose those who live near mountains, sea, river or hill eventually take no notice of their surroundings, too. We lose our sense of awe in the everyday of life.
The fact is, no matter where we are, we are surrounded with greatness, and yet the creation is a only a poor reflection of the Greatness of its Creator.

“Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.” Ps 145:3

We may not be able to fathom His greatness, but we can celebrate, praise, meditate on , proclaim, extol, tell about, speak of, commend, and joyfully sing about it. What a wonderful list of strong verbs David uses in Ps. 145 that can guide us into actively appreciating the greatness of God. We must not allow God’s Greatness to become everyday to us. His Great mercies are new every morning. Appreciating God’s Greatness eases our hearts and minds of our “great” earthly burdens.


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