Coffee + Books+ Friendship = heaven

Like books, coffee is an important part of my life. We often buy unroasted coffee beans and roast them ourselves, to just the right degree of “burnt”. (Usually second crack for those who are coffee connoisseurs.) We roast them in a popcorn maker!

We like freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee. Our favorite brew-at-home coffee is Sumatra; it has a smooth flavour. When we travel to Saskatoon, we stop at McQuarries Tea & Coffee Merchants to pick up some Toasted Almond coffee. That is one of the greatest flavoured coffees on the market! We make our coffee in an espresso maker, or if we want the oils filtered, in a drip coffee maker. Another great way to enjoy coffee is with a Bodum coffee maker. One of my daily habits is to go to Starbucks (of course, the one inside Chapters) and order a Grande Americano with room for cream. Coffee, books, and usually friends to visit with…heaven!

I think my love of coffee started in high school (early 1980s), when I used to go for coffee with my mom at Cepalos in Grande Prairie, AB. We would order Cappuccinos. I don’t think mom really liked them, but, being a relational person, she took me anyway. When I went to Vancouver with my best friend, we had such a great time. Her husband had prepared an itinerary for us, but all we really needed were the many Starbucks cluttering the intersections of downtown Vancouver. We almost frequented as many as we came across, and enjoyed many wonderful times together. Great memories. For me, having coffee with someone is an expression of friendship and a center of warmth and memories.

My best friend sent me a framed poem that I love and have hanging in my kitchen:

When the coffee is hot
and the talk is good,
and the feeling is easy
and the laughter is light,
and the memories are many
but the time is too short,
you know you are with a friend. 


So my post today is in honour of all those who love coffee and friendship as much as I do.

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