Nature-like Story

Since I am allergic to animals and can’t have pets (other than my sweet Betta fish) and I live in a Prairie city that doesn’t have any animal wildlife, I am unable to join in the nature & pet storytelling. Oh, and I don’t like golf –so no “interesting” stories about that, either.

Today’s events are as close to nature as we get… Sarah and I went to visit the Royal Saskatchewan Museum where we saw a T-Rex (Mega Munch), several types of dinosaur bones, moose, elk, deer, buffalo, gray wolves, cougars, rabbits, snakes, and birds of all kinds; all were stuffed or plastic, of course. These creatures are fully amenable to posing for pictures, if you have a camera. Lighting was good, too. We even saw lots of old fossils–no need to go to Calgary family reunions ! The boys enjoyed some “nature” on the bike path, and they set up our volleyball net in the backyard and played “beach” volleyball. Oh, they also pitched the tent and they will be “camping out” tonight. The temperature is supposed to go down to 9 degrees so that should be nice and cool and nature-like!

You, too, can hear Mega Munch roar


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