Where did Summer Go?

Where did summer go? Not only is school about to start, the weather has turned rather “fallish.” We are knee-deep in apples; our crabapple and apple trees are loaded with apples.

The kids are busy processing them into juice and sauce. I sure love the smell of cooking apples!  I’ll make jelly out of the frozen juice when I get time. We still have lots from last year though. I probably won’t make pickles this year either. Everyone here will groan when they realize that. They love home-canned pickles. Our strawberry patch is full of berries, too. I planted three plants, three years ago, and they have taken over half of the garden plot. I think I’ll let them take over because the garden is just the right size for a strawberry patch. Our friends have a grape vine that is producing tons of concord grapes and they are going to give us a shoot off of it. Hopefully, we’ll have grapes sometime in the future! Saskatchewan is actually not bad for fruit bearing trees, vines, and plants.

I really do love fall. I love it even more when the Saskatchewan winds don’t whisk away the leaves off the trees in September. I could hardly believe the beauty of Vancouver in November, when we were at Chris and Jeamie’s wedding, the huge multi-coloured maple and chestnut leaves scattered over the sidewalks and parks, looking cozy and colourful like a fall quilt. The Base hill in Beaverlodge (behind mom and dad’s) is another place I enjoy remembering in fall.

I remember the leaves of all earthy shades shaping the horizon with their colour, and below them, rows of golden, sun-ripened swaths, lining up side by side. I remember night-time harvesters’ luminous eyes, blindly staring into the fields, seeking out grain, roaring through dust and darkness, desperate to consume before snow and frost take all. Alas, I wax poetic.

Yes, I do love fall.