YA Fiction

To prepare for teaching high school students, I’ve been forced to read a pile of Young Adult Fiction. For the most part, I’m not impressed by YA Fiction. I find it loaded with social and political ideology, and it often takes a moralizing tone. I’m not speaking of the Harry Potter books, by any means. These have focussed entirely on building great, likeable characters, intriguing plot and terrifying adventures. Rather, I’m speaking of books like The Chrysalids, The Giver, Among the Hidden, Farenheit 451, The Outsiders, The Maestro, The Crazy Horse Electric Game, etc…

Many of these books are dystopias which are political by nature. What if the government had complete control?>>> blah blah blah. Can I say that if this is all we give kids to read, I can see why video games are so popular! Still, there is always a good point or two to make about any and all of these books. But why is it that good YA fiction is so hard to find?


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