‘Emmanuel’ God With Us!

Here we are with yet another year to add on to the tale of our lives. How the story grows, and how the plot thickens as time moves steadily forward, as obstacles arise, and conflicts threaten resolution; nevertheless, time pushes us ever onward, towards our final, fatal destiny.

The eternity of the soul cries out and welcomes Emmanuel, God with us. And because God is present with us, we are able to make sense of this time-based narrative that leads us, not to denouement, but to an eternal story, a timeless story with unlimited resources, without sickness, without strife, without separation from and loss of those whom we love. Essentially, we have a story with no conflict to build tension, no suspense, nothing but fulfillment! Hard to imagine that being remotely interesting…yet, unending fulfilment, or should I say wholeness, is our hope.

Because the author of our story introduced the character of Jesus, a word (logos) that is living and breathing, clothed in mortal matter: the flesh; a word that transcends language and cultural barriers; a word that declares, “Peace and Good will to all,” we now have a story of hope, not despair; love, not hate; unity, not strife; prosperity, not harm: A comedy, not a tragedy!

O Come O Come Emmanuel!


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