Disheveled Knitting Bag

A faded bag of tangled, once colorful yarns

spilled contents peek out from under the guest bed

forgotten, ill-used, neglected, frayed edges and lost stitches

the pattern that formed the knit items no longer visible

I begin the daunting task of sorting, ordering, reforming straggley strings into tightly wound skeins

Here, a string which once attached two mitts

with the one gone missing, the other of no value

There, a tangled mess of colours, once formed a scarf that kept the necks of my children from feeling the icy wind

Now, holes and tears have frayed the pattern of colours, and the yarns tangle into frustrating knots

An unfinished knit Fair Isle sweater makes its appearance through the mess

a reminder of lost dreams and hopes, of lost meaning

disheveled designs and plans and patterns that once made sense

now undone.

a new pattern, new meaning, new understanding of purpose

will weave the frayed and tattered into something whole and meaningful

but what theme will guide my stitches?