God is

God is great, but I am not

God is good, but I hold back

God is love, but I am closed

God is

but I have ceased.

When our faith falters, it is our self which has diminished. God is a constant.


‘Emmanuel’ God With Us!

Here we are with yet another year to add on to the tale of our lives. How the story grows, and how the plot thickens as time moves steadily forward, as obstacles arise, and conflicts threaten resolution; nevertheless, time pushes us ever onward, towards our final, fatal destiny.

The eternity of the soul cries out and welcomes Emmanuel, God with us. And because God is present with us, we are able to make sense of this time-based narrative that leads us, not to denouement, but to an eternal story, a timeless story with unlimited resources, without sickness, without strife, without separation from and loss of those whom we love. Essentially, we have a story with no conflict to build tension, no suspense, nothing but fulfillment! Hard to imagine that being remotely interesting…yet, unending fulfilment, or should I say wholeness, is our hope.

Because the author of our story introduced the character of Jesus, a word (logos) that is living and breathing, clothed in mortal matter: the flesh; a word that transcends language and cultural barriers; a word that declares, “Peace and Good will to all,” we now have a story of hope, not despair; love, not hate; unity, not strife; prosperity, not harm: A comedy, not a tragedy!

O Come O Come Emmanuel!

Random Ramblings on “The Word”

How many thoughts do you let slip by without taking note of in a day?

Today as I drove to get my coffee at Starbucks I was wondering about John 1:1 and why the author would choose to call Jesus "the word," and why it was so significant that we understand that the word was with God and was God from the beginning. Why the word? Personifying a spoken word is so similar to the personifications found in Greek mythology: God's spoken, breathed word, a person in the trinity. In Greek Mythology, Prometheus forms humanity out of clay and Athena (personification of wisdom) breathes life into man. Is every breath of God an act of creation? Did the beginning (which alludes to the material world, since there is no beginning or end in eternity) emerge from a simple spoken word? Jesus is the alpha and the omega. It is significant to understand that the Word, Jesus, is directly associated with the mortal and material universe–its beginning and its end is attended to by the spoken, living Word of God. This is difficult to grasp!

Then, as I passed by a church whose sign read: "Walmart isn't the only place to find saving," I wondered how on earth Christianity has been so successful despite its poor use of language! Why do we try to speak to the unchurched world around us using churchy, subcultural terms like "salvation" and exhibiting poorly worded signs? It is a good thing that Jesus is the living, breathing communication of God! Isn't it truly brilliant that God chose to communicate with a living, breathing word! How much more universal can you get? This language, the living breathing word of God, overcomes cultural and language barriers, as well as barriers created by the poor use of one's own language in trying to communicate what God has done for us.

Written and spoken words…how inadequate to express thought…yet, in the beginning was a thought expressed in words…that created…ex nihilo…this universe. Are we anything but a narrative created by our creator God? In the beginning the word was with God, and the word was God. …hmmm so much to ponder in that one verse.